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Macao ABS Plastic Poker Chips
10PCS/LOT 10 Gram America History Pattern Ceramics Chips
HITS: 17128  DATE: 2022/5/9

10PCS/LOT Premium Ceramics Chips 10 Gram America History Pattern High Quality Texas Hold'em Poker Gambling Casino Chip Wholesale

Pattern: America History

Material: Ceramic

Dimension: 39 X 3 mm

Weight: 10 gram

Spec: 9 colors and values, 2-side design


1. Minimum order quantity is 10 pieces and the total order quantity should be multiple times of 10.

2. You could directly order 10 pieces of each value, or you could buy a big number of one value with leaving a message for what values and numbers of each you want to buy.

For example, you could order 100 pieces of value 100, and leave a message that you actually want to buy 12 pieces of value 20, 38 pieces of value 100 and 50 pieces of value 1000. Then we will send out the chips according to your message.

3. If you want to buy in a bulk, you may send us a message with the quantity and shipping country for wholesale quoting.

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    Contact: TaiBang
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